bad smell from the air conditioner

Air conditioner too smells bad sometime and this problem is faced by many people. We come home and turn on the air conditioner to get rid of scorching summer and suddenly this bad smell force you to either get out of the room or turn off the machine.

You might try to check air conditioner internally but you cannot find the root cause of the smell. This happen often with the air conditioner user and some times its gets worse with the usage of the air conditioner.

In this article we are going to discuss what kinds smells that come from the AC and what can be the best solution to get rid of that smell.

Car Exhaust Smell

Sometimes you might notice car exhaust smell from the air conditioner and you get worried what kind of smell is coming from the air conditioner. Although air conditioner do not have engine parts moving which can cause this smells, but there are fluids running which can cause this smell once they get leaked.

Sometimes refrigerant which is the main source of transferring the energy in the air conditioner gets leaked and you can smell car exhaust type thing from the air conditioner.

Refrigerant leak can directly impact the performance and efficiency of the air conditioner. It is suggested not to use it and contact the air conditioner technician to fill the desired level of refrigerant in the air conditioner to use it properly.

Leaking refrigerant is also not good for the environment. Although companies now started using R-410a and R-32 but there are still many old air conditioners which are using R-22 as a refrigerant.

Smells like something is burning

If you find out burning smell from your air conditioner then it might be some plastic part is burning. It this smell getting strong with the usage of air conditioner then you must stop the machine and contact the support engineer.

Another reason for burning smell can be dust. If you are not using your air conditioner for a while and dust is accumulated in the air conditioner. With the usage of machine this dust can be burnt from the heat released from the air conditioner.

It is always better to take a support from service engineer and ask the reason behind it if smells doesn’t goes its on.

Rotten Eggs Smell

Again this smell can be from two reason one is gas leak and other is if any dead animal is stuck in your air conditioner. It is very important to check the right cause if you find this smell coming from the air conditioner.

However gas smell is odorless but companies does add some chemical in this so that user can know when it gets leaked. If you smell this kind of smell then be aware and better to connect with the support engineer to check the right cause of this smell.

Cigarette smell

If you find that cigarette smell is coming from the air conditioner when you are turning it on then this is not the problem with the air conditioner.

It is because you might be smoking in the room where your air conditioner is installed. Air conditioner use the indoor air to give you cooled air. Cigarette fumes absorbs by the machine and it release it when you use the air conditioner.


There are different types of smell that can come out from the air conditioner. If you know the basics like filter cleaning or basic inspection then it is better to find the right cause and tell the same to support engineer.

If you are not sure then it is better not to use it and call engineer to find the right cause and wait for the problem to be solved.

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