Air conditioning is not a luxury anymore it is the basic necessity of every individual. Forget about the offices and buildings, nowadays each and every home is equipped with an air conditioner.
With increasing demand, manufacturing and supply of the air conditioner also gaining new numbers day by day. The initial average cost of the air conditioner is too high which give us thought to buy it next year. But the cost of the air conditioner does not end here, regular maintenance and spare costs are way too high beyond your expectation.
The cost does not end here. Now you might be thinking what is left now? I think you forget to add electricity consumption charges. Air conditioner consumes more power than other electrical equipment and this is one of the main reason of high electricity bills.
Now coming to the question of why the air conditioner is an expensive thing and let’s discuss points one by one.

Manufacturing Cost

The air conditioner consists of a compressor, coils and an electrical system which needed to be precise and genuine. The cost of making and procuring these things are high and these are not easily available. Most of the companies procure these items from other manufactures and assemble them at one plant.
There is a monopoly of Mid Asia upon these parts and the cost of procuring these items are quite high. The earlier full air conditioner was manufactured in Mid Asia and then exported to other countries but now companies are assembling air conditioners to a particular country.
The cost of manufacturing and assembling making the price higher.

Spare Parts and Maintenance Cost

The service and maintenance cost of the air conditioner is also on the higher side. Even you are doing regular maintenance there is no guarantee that your air conditioner will not break down. Like gas leakage and a high-low, electricity fluctuations can damage your air conditioner at a point of time.
If there is any replacement or spare part repair then the cost will be higher if the product is not under maintenance contract plus you might have to stay without an air conditioner if the technician does not carry extra backup spares.

Latest Technology and Features

Every season air conditioning companies with new and latest features like nowadays inverter air conditioner is trending. The cost of an inverter air conditioner is more than a fixed type air conditioner. This new technology and features increase the prices of the air conditioners.
Whenever a company lunch a new product or feature in the air conditioner they try to justify the feature of the air conditioner over the cost of the air conditioner. Until every company introduce that feature and then the prices of the air conditioner drop due to the large competition.
This happens with the inverter air conditioner too. Initially, the cost of an inverter air conditioner was too high but every company starting making the inverter air conditioner, prices dropdown.
But it does not mean that you have to buy the product when every company start manufacturing. If a feature is worth the money then go for it.

Marketing Cost

Due to the high competition companies spent extra on marketing to reach out to the target audience. Every company have their budget for marketing. 
This cost is already involved in the breakup cost of the air conditioner. Marketing is also an important part to improve their sales and it can impact positively on the number of sales of the air conditioner.
This cost has to be fulfilled from the consumer pocket. Due to the high budget of the marketing, cost of the air conditioner also going to increase.

Electricity Consumption

Before buying an air conditioner we always forget to add the cost of electricity consumption. It is the same like we always forget to calculate the fuel consumption by the car or two-wheeler over the whole period of time. This is one of the main features we have to calculate before we buy any air conditioner.
Even a difference of 100 watts can save a lot of money when it comes to choosing the best machine which consumes less electricity. So be smart while choosing the best AC for yourself.

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