Is it true that e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart stopped delivering air conditioners? Yes, it is true but there was a specific reason behind it.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many business platforms have suffered huge losses so is the e-commerce giants. At the end of March 2020 lockdown implemented in India. There was panic all around the country and daily wages worker were mostly hit.

At this point, there is no option available for e-commerce companies to supply non-essential items in the country. Even after the lockdown period was over, some states were under curfew for some time so no movement is allowed unless you are going for any urgent work.

In April 2021 again lockdown was imposed due to the 2nd wave of coronavirus. Lockdown was imposed in many states where corona cases were high. So Amazon and Flipkart suspended the deliveries in these areas for non-essential items. For example, they were only delivering essential and grocery items during the period of the lockdown in Delhi.

When there is no movement allowed it become very tough for the e-commerce giants to deliver their products that do not fall under the category of essential items. However, they are delivering in such a crisis is really deserve a big thank you from the online shoppers.

In Mid April 2021 again lockdown was imposed in most of the parts of North India but delivering online products was allowed. Most of us Might have already ordered an air conditioner from online platforms. Even maintenance teams for the repair of the air conditioner were also allowed to perform their duties.

Due to the spreading corona cases, users are preferring online shopping instead of going to retail shops. It is like a good time for the online platform to lure the customer by offering a good deal to them. There is a cash back website that came into play here, These websites offering good cashback which motivates the customer to buy online to save some bucks.

Well, this lockdown time has taught the value of online shopping and doing things online. If you compare education industry is on the boom because they realize the requirement of digital classes on time and took the benefit of lockdown. There are many startups actually earning good in this duration of time. 

Even retail shops can take the advantage of the lockdown and provide a virtual tour of their shop and describing the products in the video. They can share videos on YouTube and even promote them by using paid marketing. Video calling is also the best option to clear all the doubts of the customer for free and help them to choose the best air conditioners per their requirement.

There are also some retailers which are requesting the government to consider air conditioner in the essential item list so that they can also serve the people and cover their expenses.

Although there is also good news that Midea U Window air conditioner has become the best selling air conditioner on as reported by the website called people. There are other air conditioners also available on amazon which are recently launched in the market.

There is also a good range of portable air conditioners which are recently trending in the market because they are movable and there is no need to fix the air conditioner to one place like a window and split air conditioner. Black and Decker winning the streak and it is one of the most selling portable air conditioners on Amazon. But the sad news is, it is not available in India right now.

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