The air conditioner is the basic need nowadays to get rid of scorching summer. But do we care about the efficiency of our air conditioner when we buy it? There are multiple factors that we check before we buy an air conditioner.

One of the main factors is the material of the coil of the air conditioner. You might have noticed that salesman focus on the coils of the copper and many air conditioner brands advertise that their air conditioner is 100% copper.

Earlier coils of the air conditioner are made of aluminum but later we shifted to copper coils. Do you know why the air conditioner manufacturer shifted to copper coils? Let’s discuss this thing more in detail in this article.

Function Of Coils In Air Conditioner

The refrigerant in the air conditioner has to change the state gaseous to liquid and then again to gas in the refrigeration cycle. This all process takes place In the coils and acts as a medium to transfer the heat from the inside to the outside.
Therefore it is very important to have good material and highly durable coils to complete the refrigeration cycle.

Difference Between Copper Coil and Aluminium Coil

Most of the air conditioner in 2021 is coming with copper coils over aluminum coil because copper coils have some benefits over aluminum coils.

1. Heat Transfer Properties

It is very important to have the material of the coil to transfer the heat. The heat transfer coefficient of the copper is higher than the aluminum coil.
It implicates that copper is better than aluminum when it comes to heat exchange.

2. Durability and Strength

The durability of the copper coils is much higher than aluminum coils. In case of any leakage or puncture in the coils, copper coils are easily repairable on the other side aluminum coils are not so easy to repair.  


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