There are a number of institutes and research centers working to obtain efficient cooling at a low cost. We often regret the moment when we receive the hefty amount of electricity bill at the end of the month and imagine if we could save a few more bucks.
In this article we are going to discuss the air conditioner having the least power consumption and having more cooling but before we need to understand why our air conditioner consumes more electricity.

Why does AC consume more electricity?

Most of the power in the air conditioner consumed by the compressor. The compressor is the heart of the air conditioner which compresses the refrigerant and plays a very important role in the refrigeration cycle.
If your compressor is running throughout the day it’s directly meant that you have to pay more for electricity bills. There might be multiple reasons for it like:-
Cooling Loss – Room in which air conditioner is installed in properly insulated resulting into a cooling loss.
Outside temperature – Temperature can also affect the performance of the compressor.
Low Tonnage – If the cooling capacity of the AC is low as compared to room size.
Air conditioner servicing also plays an important role here. Air conditioners without proper servicing result in low cooling and high power consumption.

Things To Focus To Save Money

It is very clear that to save money you need to focus on the compressor running time. Less running time means more saving.
By calculating the right tonnage for your room or space you can manage to reduce the running time for the compressor.
For example, if you install 1.0 TR in a room where 1.5 TR is required then compressors have to run all the time to maintain the desired temperature which 1.5 TR easily achieved in this case.
Another thing is cooling loss, We generally do not pay much attention to insulate our room. Sometimes we keep the door/window open while running AC or there is frequent entry or exit which results in cooling loss and it becomes a very tough task to maintain the desired temperature.
Which ultimately affects the running time and speed of the compressor. You need to avoid such losses so that temperature can be maintained in your room.
Focus On Inverter Technology
Inverter technology in air conditioning has shown good results when it comes to the power consumption.
This new technology enables air conditioners to run compressors at different levels of speeds depending upon the room temperature. Which ultimately improves the cooling capacity and reduces the time of the compressor working on full capacity.
If you are looking for AC that consumes less power consumption and gives efficient cooling then you must consider inverter technology AC. Inverter AC generally provides a good amount of cooling with low minimum power consumption.
Some of the other benefits of Inverter AC over fixed speed AC:
  • Consume less power consumption
  • Most of the inverter AC manufacturers provides a 10-year compressor warranty
  • Starting electricity load is less
  • No fluctuations
  • Smooth and Noiseless operation
Before you plan to purchase an Inverter air conditioner make sure to check the cooling loss points in your room.
Cooling loss points i mean the factor which can play role in cooling loss for example is there any open window or room roof is directly exposed to sun, that can help to reduce the cooling generated by the air conditioner.
This is really very important to check when you are installing inverter air conditioner because if there is cooling loss then air conditioner would not be able to perform as efficient as described by the manufacturer.

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