While buying an air conditioner or doing some research on which air conditioner is best for yourself, you must have read about the ISEER and EER of the air conditioner.

In this article, we will share how ISEER and EER are connected and how you can use them to find the best air conditioner.

Both terms are related to the efficiency of the air conditioner. Whenever we buy any electrical appliances, we always inquired about the efficiency of the product, how much electricity it consumes, and the power output of the same product.

Full-Form of ISEER and EER

ISEER stands for Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.
EER stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio.


ISEER is the efficient method of finding out the amount of heat that the air conditioner can remove from the area in a specified time with relation to how many electric units consumed by the air conditioner at the same time.
All of the air conditioning companies paste a BEE sticker on their air conditioner on which they have to mention the ISEER value of the air conditioner. It is compulsory for all to test the ISEER value and inform the same to the customer.
The higher is the ISEER value, the more is the efficiency of the air conditioner. Make sure to buy the high ISEER value air conditioner for yourself next time.


Energy Efficient Ration known as EER is the ratio of power output and power input at a specific point in time. Suppose your air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 1 Ton i.e 3.5 kw divided by the electricity consumption of the air conditioner which is normally 1 kW for 1 Ton air conditioner.
The same goes with EER, more is the value of EER more is the efficiency of the air conditioner.
To get the best EER air conditioner you need to check the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. Technically you need to choose the cooling capacity which is efficient for the area where you are going to install the air conditioner. You must select more or equal cooling capacity of the air conditioner you required.
Cooling Capacity depends upon multiple factors like
  • Area 
  • Wall exposed to the sun
  • Total window in the room
  • Height of the ceiling
  • Electrical load if any
  • Number of people 
The second factor is electric consumption which we need to check to find out the best EER value. Normally 1 TR fixed speed air conditioner consumes 1 electrical unit. If you are going to choose more cooling capacity of the air conditioner it is definite that electric consumption of the air conditioner also increases.  

Difference Between ISEER and EER

Most people get confused with the difference between ISEER and EER. The definition of both the units are the same but their value calculation is done at different duration of time.
For example, ISEER is calculated for the season in which you are running the air conditioner. Suppose you are running an air conditioner for 4 months for 8 hours daily. ISEER will consider this factor and gives the value for these 4 months. Factors consider finding the ISEER are standards except for the cooling capacity and electrically consumption of the air conditioner.
Cooling capacity and electricity consumption are the two main factors that play a very important role in ISEER and EER. Do not forget and compare these two factors of the different air conditioner while investing your hard earn money into air conditionng.

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