What is the Cooling Capacity of the Air Conditioner ?

We have various tools and meters to check the efficiency of various machines and electrical appliances. For example, if we need to buy a bike we check the power of the engine as per our needs. The same is the case with the other things.
Cooling Capacity
Now the question is, what is the cooling capacity and how can we find out to buy the best air conditioner as per the cooling load of the room.
The Cooling Capacity of the air conditioner is known as the cooling it can provide or the amount of heat the air conditioner can dissipate. It is calculated as the number of BTU per hour of heat the air conditioner can remove.
(BTU – British Thermal Unit)
Basically, 1 Ton AC is 12000 BTU/hr
1.5 Ton AC is 18000 BTU/hr
2.0 Ton AC is 24000 BTU/hr
It’s really very important to check the cooling capacity of the air conditioner before buying one. As you need enough cooling for your area. If you buy the less cooling capacity air conditioner then it’s not going to cool down the room and if you buy the air conditioner with more cooling capacity it will cool the room pretty fast and consumes more power.
Now you need to find out how much load or cooling capacity required for your room.
You can find it out manually but there are online calculators available to find out the cooling capacity of any area. You just need to put the dimension and other things to get to know the cooling capacity
You can check here – Cooling Capacity Calculator

Factors Needed to Check For Cooling Capacity

1. Area

Area plays very important role when it comes to the finding the right cooling capacity of the room. You can say cooling capacity is directly proportional to the area of the room where you want to install air conditioner. More is the area, more cooling is required.

2. Number of People

For small area this factor does not play very crucial role but when we are designing the HVAC plans for commercial area like auditorium or bus station. This factor comes into play. Every human release some quantity of heat, when the large group of people gather in specified area the heat needed to be take care of and cooling capacity of every individual has to be considered while finding cooling capacity. 
While doing HVAC calculations we generally consider 500 BTU for every person.

3.Sunlight Exposure

We need to check sunlight exposure to our room or area where we are installing air conditioner. Suppose if sunlight is directly falling on the roof or any wall of the room most of the time in a day then you need a higher cooling capacity machine.  
Therefore top floor air conditioner shall be different from the ground floor flat. Top floor is directly exposed to the sunlight hence required more cooling to reach the desired temperature.

4. Electrical Equipment Load 

Sometime the other electrical equipment load is too high that we need to consider them in cooling capacity. To provide the precise cooling we need to consider the electrical load of the appliances present in the area.
For IT companies there are very big server which release very huge amount of heat. In order to work them properly, efficient amount of cooling is required otherwise these server will heat up and stop working.
While designing HVAC for IT companies, we have to consider number of desktop, UPS and other load which can effect the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.
It become very important to find out the exact load of the electrical appliances and design the cooling capacity as per the tonnage calculator.

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