With the advancement of technology, Air conditioner companies also updating the size and cooling capacity of the air conditioner.
Unlike window and split AC’s, the portable air conditioner is new in the Indian market and it has become the need of the customers.
The portable air conditioner is a movable air conditioner that can be placed and moved in any other room you wish to. Earlier it was a fixed air conditioner which is placed in one room and it was a daunting task to dismantle the machine and install it in another room if cooling is required in some other area.
This problem is resolved by the companies by manufacturing the portable air conditioner. It is very useful and easy to use at your convenience.

Do portable room air conditioners really work?

Yes, they really work efficiently and effectively when it comes to cooling but the airflow of the portable air conditioner is low as compared to the fixed type air conditioner. Although Portable AC is recently launched in India and reviews are on the positive side.
But personally, I am going to suggest a fixed air conditioner like Window and Split air conditioner if you are looking for long term. For 1- 2 hour running operation you should go for a portable air conditioner. For a long operation, you must go for a fixed type air conditioner.

Can I use a portable air conditioner in a room without a window?

Yes. You can use the portable air conditioner in a room without a window but exhaust air has to pass through from a portable air conditioner. So you can use a small partition from the door to let exhaust air pass through from it.

Do portable air conditioners use a lot of electricity?

It all depends upon the cooling capacity and manufacturers of the air conditioner. More cooling capacity means more electricity consumption. Air Conditioner companies having good reputation built machine with low power consumption with high cooling capacity.
For example “Carrier”. They built a machine with low power consumption and machines have high cooling capacity.

Factors needed to check before buying a portable air conditioner?

Before you buy a portable air conditioner, do not forget to find out the actual cooling capacity you required for your area. Choose the right tonnage air conditioner for your room where you need air conditioning.
Check the power consumption of the air conditioner as per the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. More is the cooling capacity, more is the electric power consumption. It doesn’t mean you need to pick the low cooling capacity to save electricity bills. Always select the appropriate tonnage of the air conditioner as per your room size.
Do not forget to check the warranty of the air conditioner and what services are covered in the warranty. Go through the prices of paid services and parts of the air conditioner so that you can compare it with other brands too. Ultimately you need to pay the charges of maintenance and after warranty services.

Portable air conditioner over split air conditioner

If there is no provision for window or split AC in your room where you want to install air conditioner then you must go for portable air conditioner. Portable air conditioner efficiency is low as compared to the split and window but when there is no choice then you should opt for portable air conditioner.
If you need cooling at specific area in room or size then you can try portable air conditioner. Like in whole area only one person is sitting then there is no need to run full HVAC plant but instead you can place small portable air conditioner near to that person. This will not just save electricity cost but also reduces the running time of the HVAC system.

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