Midea is a multinational company that deals In electrical appliances all over the world. There are multiple electrical products available in India too. Midea air conditioners are available on all online selling platforms having good reviews from the customers.
Now the question is why midea conditioner getting a good response from the market and what are the advantages of Midea Air Conditioner.
Midea has launched air conditioners in the Indian market at economical prices. When we have checked the technical specification of the machines they are absolutely up to the mark and features of the product are very good under prices they are labeled.
However, Midea is collaborating with the Carrier for sales and services of their product worldwide. That means the Carrier dealer shall be selling and providing the service to the customer for Midea.
The price of Midea air condition starts from 23500/- online for fixed type split air conditioner and Inverter type midea AC is available in Rs 27500/-.
Midea Portable air conditioner is also available online on Flipkart for Rs 23999/-

Midea Air Conditioner 1.5 TR Review

Taking into consideration the 1.5 TR / 3 Star Split AC fixed type, the technical specification of this machine is really good when we compare it with other products.
Check Price Online For Midea Air Conditioner
This air conditioner is designed to work for 48-degree Celsius for the atmospheric temperature to provide you the comfortable cooling.
Midea air conditioner comes with dual filtration which helps to kill viruses and bacteria.
Sleep mode is the best function if you want to use the air conditioner for the whole night. Many air conditioner companies providing the same features. In Sleep mode, every air conditioner is designed to achieve the desired cooling consuming less electricity without disturbing your sleep.
Midea also has turbo mode to provide maximum cooling in less time just like other brands. You can turn your air conditioner on turbo mode to cool your room in very little time.
Nowadays every air conditioner coming up with a copper coil to improve the life of the air conditioner. Midea air conditioner expansion and condensation coil made of copper. Making it best ac to use.
Most of the time we face the problem of gas leakage with air conditioners and to overcome this problem many companies are installing gas leakage detectors to aware the customer before they have to call an AC technician. Midea AC also comes up with a low gas leakage detector.
The cooling capacity of the midea air conditioner is around 5100 W which is somewhat good when we compare it with other brands in the industry.

Leakage Detector

Gas leakage from the air conditioner is a normal problem that can be caused due to many problems. Low gas level in the air conditioner results in the low cooling capacity of the air conditioner and it can also damage the compressor if the level of the refrigerant is below than minimum level.
Midea air conditioner is coming up with the leakage detector which will indicate to the user if the refrigerant is below the desired level. It is a very good feature but it would be great if it can tell how much volume of refrigerant is flowing into the air conditioner system and how much more refrigerant is required.

CRF Alert

Same as leakage detectors inform about the level of the refrigerant, CRF gives us the indication about cleaning the air filters. We do not need to call an AC technician to clear them up instead we can also do this at home without any extra tools. You just need to know where the air filters of the air conditioner are installed. You can wash them with the slow pressure of the water.
This can improve the cooling capacity of the machine.

High-Temperature Working

The temperature in each summer increases by 1 or 2 degrees every season so we need an air conditioner that can withstand the high temperature. Midea air conditioner can withstand with stand up to 48 degrees.
Other air conditioner companies also claim to withstand high temperatures up to 55 degrees celsius.

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