Lg is one of the most famous electrical appliances companies. Infact LG is the most selling electrical appliances company on online platforms.

When it comes to air conditioning there are different types of air conditioners available online. Starting from window AC to VRF.

In this article, we are going to share the feature and specifications of the LG 1.5 ton inverter split air conditioner.

LG Inverter Compressor

This LG split AC comes with an inverter compressor having variable speed. It can adjust the speed of the compressor depending on the heat load. Initially, the compressor runs at full speed to approach the temperature, once the temperature is approached air conditioner compressor runs at very low speed and maintains the desired temperature.

Due to this feature air conditioner produce very little noise due to the low running speed of the compressor.

The next advantage is power saving, inverter air conditioner more power when we compare it with the fixed type of air conditioner. I have also shared an article about power saving you can check it here – Which AC is better for the least power consumption and more cooling?

ISEER Value of LG AC

We have considering 5 Star inverter AC whose ISEER value is 4.73 which is good in terms of power-saving and efficient cooling. The efficiency annual energy consumption of this air conditioner is  835.50 units.

Overall performance of the LG air conditioner is good when we compare it with the other air conditioner.

Warranty of LG AC

The comprehensive warranty of the LG AC is 1 year and you will almost 3 free services in this period. When we talk about the compressor warranty it is around 10 years. Most of the air conditioning companies providing the same warranty clause with the inverter air conditioner.

Extra Protection of LG AC

Condensing and evaporative coils of the air conditioner are made of copper which is highly durable. Extra advantage added with these coils with ocean black protection which prevents coils from rust and corrosion. This protection also improves the protection and improve the durability of the air conditioner.

LG extra features 

There are some extra features with LG air conditioner which are mentioned below:-
  • Magic display
  • HD Filter
  • 2 Way air swing
  • Dual Inverter 
  • Himalaya Cool
  • Smart Diagnosis System
  • Auto Clean
By pressing the auto clean button on the remote of your air conditioner, you can dry your air conditioner in few minutes. Otherwise, moisture can become a habitat of bacteria and bad odor, which you sometimes experience when you switch on the air conditioner.
LG Dual cool inverter compressor can cool in most extreme temperatures like 52 degrees celsius.

Stabilizer Free Operation

With an LG air conditioner, you do not need to buy a voltage stabilizer if the voltage range in your area is between 145-290V. For extra protection, you can install a voltage stabilizer like a safeguard.
But it is highly recommended to install a voltage stabilizer with the air conditioner in the rural area as voltage fluctuation is very high.

R-32 Refrigerant

LG ac uses R-32 as a refrigerant which have high efficiency and low environmental effect. Most of the air conditioners are shifting to eco-friendly refrigerators and R-32 is one of them which is an eco-friendly refrigerant.
In one study it is confirmed that using R-32 refrigerant consumes 10 % less power as compared to the R-22 refrigerant. The ozone depletion potential of the R-32 refrigerant is zero.

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