LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star AI Dual Inverter Air conditioner

LG is one of the growing and most popular companies in the world for electronics items. When we talk about air conditioners, LG has also managed to dominate in this sector too. One of the best things is you are paying a competitive price for the same features and specifications in the market.

With modern technology and invention, LG always stays one step ahead to implement them in their products and provide amazing service to their customers. With small features customers tend to buy it with fair pricing.

Features of this product

Comparing features and technology is one of the common things done by the customer while buying an air conditioner. So we are listing out the best features of this product so that you can know more about this air conditioner.

Dual Rotary Compressor

LG uses Dual rotary compressor which is considered as one of the efficient compressors. This divides the load coming to the compressor which results in faster cooling and improves the working efficiency of the compressor.

Dual rotors have low frequency of rotation which indeed results in low consumption of the power. As most of the power is consumed by the compressor in the air conditioner, the overall cost of running the air conditioner comes down. Which ultimately benefits the customers by saving a few more bucks.

AI Convertible 6-in-1 Cooling

This is one of the advanced features which LG is providing in the air conditioner. Now air conditioners already have in-built sensors which understand the requirement of the area and human beings, meaning they provide the cooling or heating depending upon the load requirment.

For example there is 100% occupancy in the room means the room is filled with people then the air conditioner has to run on 100% capacity to fulfill the needs. In the same way when occupancy is 50% only then work done will be less by the air conditioner.

So there are 6 modes available in the LG air conditioner as per the load requirement.

Copper Condenser with Sensor

As most of the air conditioner comes with the copper condenser having longer life and durability. LG also comes with Copper condenser providing the machine a longer life.

There are 3 sensors that are also provided by the LG air conditioner to run smoothly and efficiently, These are known as ADC sensors. Now the next question is what are ADC sensors?

There are safety and performance sensors available in outdoor or condenser units.

Ambient Sensor
Condenser Sensor
Discharge Sensor

These are the additional features provided by the LG to provide more safety, you can take these features in consideration while comparing the other air conditioner with this product.

Low Gas Detector

Gas leaking is one of the most common problems in the air conditioner which can cause low cooling. However chances with the copper condenser are very low but there can be gas leaking due to any other reason.

So LG air conditioners provide this feature so that users can low if gas is leaking or quantity of gas is low. Gas is also known as Refrigerant in technical terms. Error CH38 is displayed on the indoor unit when refrigerant is low.

Whenever this error shows up it is better to recommend to call your service engineer and specifically tell them the error it is showing. So that they can understand and bring refrigerant with them whenever they come. Otherwise it can waste their time too as normally the service team does not carry refrigerant with them.

HD Filter and Virus Protection

These filters provide the fresh air to the customer by filtering the dust and other particles and providing them neat and clear. These high density filters are capable of removing the microscopic dust particles.

This creates the perfect environment for your family. Most of the brands provide these features but we need to query about the quality of the filters they are using and how efficient they are.

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