How to protect the air conditioner in Winter when not in Use?

Air conditioner is one of the important electronic devices which we often ignore after using it. Summers are almost gone and now it is time for this machine to wrap up for cooling only mode models. Although machines having hot and cool features have a long way to go.

Protecting your air conditioner is important to prepare it for next season which will come in the next 5-6 months. So you need to prepare in advance to take care of your air conditioner so that you can use it comfortably next season.

Why is it important?

In winters there are very less chances that you are going to use it. So the air conditioner  is not in use, it is recommended to clean it and cover it before you use it last time to improve the health of the machine and avoid any problem when you are going to use it after a number of months.

What steps needed to be taken care of?

Call Service Engineer

One of the best things is to call a service engineer to check the status of the machine and request them to service it before it’s going to take a rest for long time.

Service engineer will clean the air conditioner and let you know if anything is missing or needs to be done so that you do not need to spend time during the season.

For window AC you can request a service engineer to take it out from the window and service it carefully. Later on pack it with a cover and store it in a safe place.

For Split AC, just cover it after the service, you can order split AC cover in advance from the online or offline store. Please check the dimensions of the air conditioner before you go with the covers.

If you do want to call service engineer

First thing you need to check any external damage to the machine or something which is irregular. If there is something then clean it and try to repair it yourself but if that is more complicated than call an AC technician to repair it.

Although you can check internally so take a routine check up and try to wash the outdoor unit. For this check guideline or any demo video online to get an idea.

Covering your Air Conditioner

Once you are done with the internal and external check up, cover with the waterproof and dust proof cover. This is one of the important steps for the air conditioner to save it for the next few months.

You will get to know about the benefits of covering your air conditioner during this time when you compare it with an air conditioner which is not covered. Plus it can save your machine from the direct exposure of the sun light which can directly impact the color of the machine.

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