There is an ongoing battle between inverter AC or non-inverter AC while doing shopping for an air conditioner. Earlier there was only fixed type air conditioner available in the market but with the passage of time inverter technology comes into existence.

A user generally gets confused with the Inverter type technology and believe these are the air conditioner which can run on Inverter, which generally provides power back up.

Many air conditioner companies working for the advancement of the Inverter air conditioner. For example, earlier, there were only inverter air conditioners but now you can select the different star ratings available in the Inverter technology.

Now the question is which one is better and which air conditioner consumes less electricity.

Inverter Vs Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

The non Inverter air conditioner is generally known as a Fixed type air conditioner. These kinds of air conditioners run on the fixed range. That means either on zero range or full range. At zero range compressor of the air conditioner runs at zero speed consuming almost zero power.

When it comes to the full range running capacity, the compressor runs at 100% capacity at consumes maximum power. You might hear of tak sound after some time when you switch on the air conditioner. That sounds means the compressor of the AC is now running.

But with the Inverter air conditioner that is not the case. The inverter air conditioner runs on the different capacity range like 10% to 100% on the different level depending upon the temperature. 

For example, room temperature is 30 Degree Celsius and you are running an air conditioner at 24-degree celsius. Compressor going to run on 80-90 % capacity to approach 24 degrees, once the temperature is achieved compressor going to run on 10-20 % speed to maintain the same temperature.

Inverter Consumes Less Electricity?

Electricity consumption depends upon the running time of the air conditioner. As we have discussed earlier example, Both inverter and non-inverter air conditioners going to consume more electricity initially when you are going to turn on the air conditioner but with the passage of time inverter air conditioners going to consume less electricity.

If your running time of the air conditioner is generally 1-2 hr then it’s better to get a non-inverter air conditioner or you can go with an Inverter air conditioner with a low star rating like 1 star or 2 stars.

At the same time if you are planning to use the air conditioner for the whole day and if you can maintain the temperature in the specified area the inverter ac with a good star rating can do the job. As for the bedroom, an Inverter air conditioner is the best choice.

This option is valid if you are installing independent machines in each area of your house or office. If you are planning for centralised machines or VRF then you need to choose inverter or non-inverter technology for your space.


Always do some initial research before you go for any air conditioner. There are different power consumption calculators where you can air conditioner running time and other factors to check which air conditioner is suitable for you for the long term. You can take off the air conditioner technical sales department to get this job done.

You can also give your data to the salesperson he will get it done from his side. Depending upon the result select the best air conditioner for yourself and save more bucks for the long term. Do not forget to calculate the maintenance and service cost of the air conditioner while comparing it with other air conditioners.

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