Carrier and Midea have a joint venture together to cater to the needs of both brands worldwide. In India too they are manufacturing air conditioner and providing services in the name of Carrier Midea Private Limited.
If you are looking to purchase Midea air conditioner then you need to contact Carrier Midea Pvt Ltd in order to get the same. Midea and Carrier are separately two brands with different specifications and features.
Carrier Midea Pvt Ltd have a full range of Midea air conditioner which includes
  • Midea Split AC
  • Midea Cassette AC
  • Midea Tower AC
  • Midea Ductbale AC
  • Midea VRF
However, this company only has Carrier Split and Window AC.
Other Products of Carrier is available with other company known as Carrier Airconditioning and Refrigeration Pvt Ltd. To buy other air conditioning other than Carrier Window and Split air conditioner you need to contact this firm.
People generally get confused with Midea and Carrier and often end up taking bad air conditioners. You always need to check the technical specification of the machine as per your requirement.
Midea and Carrier are two separate brands with different technical specifications. The carrier air conditioner has an edge over Midea machines when it comes to efficiency and features. But Midea machines are budget-friendly with good and high-end features.
Even in the United States, Midea window air conditioner is the best selling air conditioner on amazon as mentioned by the website – People. and according to the same website Midea window air Conditioner is the first window air conditioner to receive energy-saving certification. There are some other details mentioned about the same. You can their website for more information.
Midea is growing so is the business they are expanding their business to different countries. It is a good that signs that they are receiving a positive sign from the market. It means they are going to bring more products to the market and improve the infrastructure of their existing companies.
While looking for air conditioner is you can trust on Midea air conditioner as it is backed by the Carrier itself. All the service and maintenance part is then handled by the carrier only.
There are many other brands that are not directly selling the products, they manufacture only and get collaborated with the other domestic brands to provide the sales and after-sales support.
This is a very good opportunity for the brands to enter into the market without having resources and infrastructure in the designated area. They generally tie up with the existing company which is already into the same market and enter with the joint venture with the same to sell their own products in the specified area.
Although this comes up with the terms and conditioner which are mentioned in the Joint Venture. With a joint venture company can access the resources and network of the brands which is already build up. Like Carrier has already a stable network in the country and good network of the distributor. So Midea can take the advantage of this and use this system to upgrade their business in the area where the carrier is already selling their air conditioner.
There is great number of resources a company can use while having a joint venture. Here Carrier is the inventor of the air conditioning and this is going to impact the sales of Midea also. 
This is a great opportunity to both companies to support each other and focus on market acquire. As Midea air conditioner prices are economical they can fill the void of budget-friendly air conditioners. Midea is good in production and they can meet the demands of the customer as per their needs.

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