Daikin is Japan based air conditioner manufactures company. It is almost having business in each part of the world. They have good mastery on Inverter Technology.
Daikin air conditioner is the most sold air conditioner in India. Daikin has captured the market very well from the products and services they are offering.
In this article, we are going to share the technical specification of the Daikin Inverter split air conditioner 3 Star rating model.

Inbuilt Stabilizer

Daikin is providing the inbuilt stabilizer as other companies are also providing the same features but you need to check what voltage fluctuation it can handle. If voltage fluctuation is high then you need to buy a separate stabilizer for your air conditioner. Like In Jammu and Kashmir voltage can go up to 90 V so they generally need a stabilizer that can step up the voltage from 90 V.

Power Chill Operation

To get away with the high temperature this feature is going to work for you. In this mode, the air conditioner puts all the energy to provide maximum cooling. Of course, it is going to consume more electricity but extra benefits come with extra cost.
It is really a very cool feature when you are expecting guests and you need to air-condition the room. Just put your air conditioner on Power Chill Mode and enjoy the company of your guests.

Noiseless Operation

Most of the air conditioners have managed to overcome the sound of the blower that irritates the customer while sleeping. The inverter air conditioner runs according to the temperature required for the room.

Coanda Airflow

This feature allows the air conditioner to throw the air upwards so that uniform cooling can be done and create a comfortable environment around you.

Econo Mode

This mode is very helpful when you are running multiple devices in one circuit at a time. This will help you run on low cooling capacity but also save some energy which will put less load on the circuit. That will ultimately help in less electricity bills.

R-32 Refrigerant 

Daikin generally uses R-32 as a refrigerant in all the air conditioner. R-32 is eco- friendly refrigerant which is approved by the government. One of the biggest advantage of the R-32 is single component gas. That help AC technician to reuse the same with out any problem.
R-32 is easy to use and recyclable. Also it does not deplete the ozone which is good thing.

100 % Copper

This is very important to check whether air conditioner you are buying is made up of Copper or not. Basically you need to check the condenser and evaporative coils whether the material used in these coils is copper and aluminum. 
Although many companies are started to use copper only but some local brands can supply aluminum coils.
Life of the copper air conditioner is more as compared to the aluminum air conditioner.

Power Supply To Outdoor Unit

Power supply to the outdoor unit is also the smart and safe decision to keep the indoor safe from any electrical fault. 
Many air conditioner ask for the power supply to the indoor unit but most of the Daikin air conditioner needed power supply at the outdoor unit that means at the evaporative unit.

Cooling Capacity of the Daikin Air Conditioner

The cooling capacity of this machine is around 5000 W. Which is more than enough to cool the area around 120 Sq Ft. The cooling capacity of most air conditioners is around 4500 – 5000 W.
It is always better to estimate the cooling capacity of your area where you want to install an Air conditioner. So that maximum benefits can be achieved.

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