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In the refrigeration cycle, refrigerants are substances that produce a cooling effect at or below atmospheric temperatures. The best refrigerants should be environmentally friendly and have low freezing points. As water cannot be used below 0 Deg C, these compounds should be non-freezing. 
Here are some of the most important properties to look for in a refrigerant. Listed below are some of the most popular refrigerants and their uses.

Non Toxic and Ozone Friendly

Refrigerants should be non-toxic and non-explosive. They should also be safe to use around and are non-corrosive. They should also be ozone-friendly and non-toxic. There are many reports of the refrigerant that are causing ozone depletion. However government is banning such refrigerants and movies towards the eco-friendly refrigerant to save the environment.
The best refrigerants are those with the lowest ozone depletion potential (ODP). In other words, they should have low ozone-depleting potential. In order to evaluate them for ozone depletion their efficiency should not be compromise. They should be very efficient as well as effective when it comes to functioning.

Non Corrosive

Another important property for a good refrigerant is that it should be non-corrosive and safe for the environment. A high critical temperature is ideal as it allows for a large amount of isothermal energy transfer. A low specific heat of vaporization helps reduce superheating. A high latent heat of vaporization allows for more efficient refrigeration. Finally, the best refrigerant should have a low freezing point and low resistance to contamination.
The best refrigerant is the one that carries heat in a closed system. Its cycles include compression, evaporation, and expansion. The first stage of the cycle absorbs heat in a low temperature system and discards it to a higher temperature system. These two stages are necessary in a refrigeration system and must be carried out at the same time. But in addition to being a good heat-transfer medium, it should also be non-toxic to human and animal bodies.

Safe To Handle

The best refrigerant is safe to handle and non-corrosive. It should have a high critical temperature, which will allow for large isothermal energy transfer. It should also be non-flammable and non-toxic. The flammability of the refrigerant will cause damage to the equipment. Additionally, it should not react with other materials. These properties are essential for efficient and effective refrigeration.
A refrigerant should be compatible with copper alloys. The best refrigerants should have a low boiling point, which will ensure maximum cooling ability. A higher boiling point means that the refrigerant will work more efficiently. In addition, the better the efficiency, the more economical it is. If the refrigeration system is too expensive, the cost of the machine will be higher. A high-quality refrigerant can make or break a cooling system.

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