The temperature in India is soaring at 46-48 degrees Celsius and year by year it’s increasing at an alarming rate due to many factors like Global warming, Pollution, and many more.
On 26 May 2020, Churu in Rajasthan Recorded 50 degrees Celsius which is the highest temperature in the country.
To fight this level of heat we really need an efficient and reliable air conditioner for ourselves. There are multiple options available on the internet, By clicking on just “Order Now” you can beat this heat.
Choosing the best air conditioner is itself a difficult and daunting task in today’s time. There are multiple brands and manufacturers available online and in the retail market promising high performance and efficient running.
Here is the list of top brands available in India to buy in 2021:-

1. Carrier

Carrier is one of the most popular brands for AC all over the globe. Carrier is known for their ethics and values. Carriers are the inventors of modern air conditioning. They understand air conditioning in a better way.
Carrier is a trustable brand in air conditioners. Carrier AC is a durable and powerful machine.

Some of the features of Carrier Inverter AC

High Ambient Working – Carrier AC is designed to work up to 55 Degree celsius because they are using hybrid cooling technology which is much superior and advanced technology.
Stabilizer Free Operation – Carrier AC can run without a voltage stabilizer for a voltage range of 150 – 280 V. If you are living in an urban area and faceless voltage fluctuation then you can enjoy stabilizer-free operation.
Spare Part Availability- Spare part of their AC is easily available and economical cost. Unlike others companies which charge a much higher cost for spare parts only.
Maintenance – The cost of maintenance and service is also at very low prices.

2. Daikin

It is a very difficult task to choose the best machine from Carrier and Daikin but factors like Airflow specification and low maintenance cost of Carrier is always going to win.
Daikin is a multi-national HVAC products manufacturing company based in Japan. Initially, they used to manufacture air conditioners in Japan only and used to supply all around the globe from Japan.

Some of the best features of Daikin AC

Powerful Operation – Daikin provides the quick cooling function which brings down the temperature of your room in a few minutes to provide a comfortable ambient.
Quiet Operation – This AC offers you quiet and noiseless operation to provide you uninterrupted sleep.
Neo Swing Compressor – Due to this feature compressor of the machine smooth operation reducing vibration and friction.

3. Panasonic

Although Panasonic is not specifically manufacturing AC only they have a full range of electrical appliances but from the past 3-4 years they did a great job in air conditioning.
Panasonic is also based in Japan. All the technical specifications of Panasonic AC are above the standard. You must try their air conditioner to feel the experience of their advanced cooling technology.

Some of the best features of Panasonic AC

Twin Cool Inverter – The compressor of these machines has two rotors that balance the load on the compressor effectively. Dual rotors also reduce wear and tear, improve the life of the compressor and help the machine run smoothly.
Temperature Screen – Panasonic AC provides the temperature screen on the indoor which enables the user to check the temperature of the room. At any moment of time, you can check the temperature.
R-32 Refrigerant – R-32 is the eco-friendly refrigerant used by companies as of now. It is recommended to use R-32 over R-22 refrigerant. Also, R-32 has much more cooling capacity than R-22.

4. LG

LG Electronics is a multinational company based in South Korea. LG has a wide variety of electrical products. Air conditioners are one of them.
This brand is a much-loved and trustable brand in India as well. Over the years they work on new and advanced technology for their products.
Talking about the air conditioning they managed to score good marks in this segment due to their efficient and dual inverter machine.

Some of the best features of LG AC

Dual Cool Technology – LG uses dual cool technology for their air conditioner. This technology provides more cooling capacity in less time and saves more electricity as compared to ordinary AC.
ThinQ App – This is an app generated for LG air conditioners to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem of your AC.
Gold Fin Condenser – The life of a gold fin condenser is more than an aluminum fin condenser. This is also a plus advantage in LG air conditioners.

5. Midea

Midea is one of the best and recently launched products on Flipkart. I have already shared my detailed Midea air conditioner review. You can check out this article to know more about Midea AC.
Midea is one of the trustable brands and the popularity of these machines can be checked by the reviews they are getting from the users. Collaboration with Carrier is also an advantage for Midea to be on the top of this segment.
Talking about the Cost, Midea air conditioners are one of the most economical air conditioners on Flipkart with the same technical features as other ACs in the same category.
Please check my review to get more details on the Midea Air conditioner.
These are the best and top 5 recommended air conditioners that are available on Flipkart. Always check the cooling capacity and power consumption of the air conditioner before you buy one.
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