Summers are coming and we have already started to plan to purchase air conditioners to get rid of high temperatures. There are multiple brands available in the market. Do you have doubt or confusion about which air conditioner to choose?
We will share the simple steps by following them. You can easily choose the best air conditioner from the shortlisted air conditioner. We will also mention some of the best options available in the market. There are some technical terms which you needed to know before you plan to buy an air conditioner. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Cooling Capacity

Always check the cooling capacity of the air conditioner you are planning to buy. Generally we categories air conditioners as 1.0/1.5/2.0 Ton. We need to re-check the cooling capacity from the brochure or from the sales department to ensure that actually, the air conditioner is of said tonnage.
Cooling capacity depends upon the area in which we are going to install the air conditioner. Technically we prefer:-
1 TR – Upto 100 sqft area
1.5 TR – 90 – 150 sqft area
2.0 TR – 150 -200 sqft area
There are also some extra factors which can increase the usage of cooling capacity like top floor room needed some extra cooling capacity than room available on the ground floor, Exposure to sunlight, Number of people present in the room, Electrical or equipment load can affect the usage of cooling capacity.
It is always recommended to consult an HVAC engineer or salesperson to find out the actual tonnage for your room. It will not just help you to find out the best air conditioner but also going to save the electricity bill amount.

2. Power Consumption

We generally ignore this factor while buying air conditioners. Just not for the air conditioner, for any electrical product you are buying always check the power consumption of the product. There are some good and ideal products which consume very less power consumption as a comparison to others.
There are Inverter AC’s available in the market which consumes very less power once the desired temperature is reached. Ideally, 1 TR consumes around 900 watts per hour which are approx 1 unit per hour.
Visit the manufacturer site or ask the retailers about the power consumption. After all, it’s going to save more bucks.

3. Cost of Spare Parts

Spare parts and service play a very important role in after-sales service. There is a very cheap technique followed by some low-profile companies to gain an initial customer base by providing a very low-cost air conditioner than charging a very high amount in after-sales services.
There are also some very good Japanese companies in air conditioning whose initial cost is high and spare parts cost is also very high. You are advised to check the cost of spare parts and compare it with the other shortlisted air conditioner.

4. Inverter and Non Inverter AC

There is a new technology called inverter AC in the market whose initial cost is high but running cost or electrical consumption cost is very low. But it doesn’t mean that everyone should buy this air conditioner to save a few bucks. These air conditioners are really very helpful where you can maintain the temperature in the specified area otherwise there is no use of inverter AC where you cannot maintain the temperature.
For example, it’s easy to maintain the temperature in a bedroom or small space but it’s really very difficult to maintain the same temperature in an open shop or restaurant. Based upon your application you can install an air conditioner after consulting the HVAC engineer.
Now we are going to share the top and best 5 air conditioners in India which you can buy online or from the retail market. We are considering 1.5 TR split AC which is the most selling product with non-inverter technology.

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